Gate Valve (Pneumatic) D566

Gate Valve

Product specifications :

● Needle valve systems are an important tool in controlling the hot injection process. These valves give outstanding features to the produced parts and process by opening and closing the nozzle inlet. Some of the features of this system are:
1- Ensure that unwanted material does not overflow into the cavity
2- Disconnect the material inside the nozzle from the part
3- Ability to achieve higher quality parts of the piece.
4- More hiding the effect of the injection.
5- Ability to eliminate cold welding in large parts that are filled with several nozzles.
6- Achieving the desired quality for large and complex parts with the possibility of selecting the order and creating sequences in opening and closing the nozzles.
7- Reduce injection pressure
8- Reduce injection time

Picture of Gate Valve (Pneumatic) D566
Picture of Gate Valve (Pneumatic) D566
Picture of Gate Valve (Pneumatic) D566
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