Smart selection of Relief Valves

Setaak Relief Valves

Product specifications :

Relief valves are produced in two types and two inlet pressure ranges, up to 450 mbar and up to 5 bar in size DN25. Safety requirements of this product are in accordance with the national standard of Iran INSO22107.
The relief valves opens when the pressure exceeds the allowable pressure and discharges pressure peaks outside into the air. It closes immediately as the pressure drops to under the set pressure. It is necessary to use it if the gas speed is more than 30 m/s.

Title File Size Version Technical Data
کاتالوگ کنترل های خط گاز مشعل gas-controls.pdf 3.7 MB تابستان 1402
راهنمای شیر اطمینان فشار پایین SET150 DN25.pdf 410.5 KB پاییز 1401
راهنمای شیر اطمینان فشار بالا SET151 DN25.pdf 337 KB پاییز 1401
کاتالوگ شیر اطمینان gas-controls-relief-valve.pdf 1.2 MB
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