Smart selection of Lever Hand Valves

Setaak Hand Valves

Product specifications :

It is a valve that allows to open or close the flow of the fluid inside the pipe manually. Due to its well-designed passage, it has a small pressure loss and the remote interception operation makes the closing easier and faster than traditional ball valves.
Lever hand valve with inlet pressure up to 5 bar are designed in accordance with the national standard of Iran INSO22107 including DN40, 50.

Title File Size Version Technical Data
کاتالوگ کنترل های خط گاز مشعل gas-controls.pdf 3.7 MB تابستان 1402
کاتالوگ شیر دستی اهرمی lever-hand-valve.pdf 1 MB
راهنمای شیر دستی اهرمی SET271 SET271 DN40،DN50.pdf 424.8 KB پاییز 1401
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