Locset Anaerobic Adhesives -UV

Locset Anaerobic Adhesives -UV

Product specifications :

LOCSET U.V. adhesive are one component and solvent free.
They are used for bonding parts made of glas , ceramics , synthetic materials ( plastics ) and materials that need ineffective ( transparent parts ) or sired prodution and assembly ( fast hardening ).

● Advantages:
2-easy to handle
3-fast cure
4-cure at room temperature
5-low conectration of pollutant substances at workplace
6-low temperature development during curing
● Anaerobic UV
The anaerobic adhesives are one - component , and specially suitable for serial production or the fixture time rapidly , also for fastening of coaxial components , bushing , bearings and shaft of metal parts , metal to glass , glass to rubber , glass to ceramics , and glass to glass

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