Oilless Guide Bush D043

Oilless Guide Bush

Product specifications :

● Non-Liquid Lubricant
● Material: Bronze
● Are used in applications of linear or rotary motion in tool making, and similar engineering uses.
● Advantages of oilless guide elements:
- Good emergency sliding properties.
- Highest carrying capacity at low speed.
- Useable under water or with chemical solutions.
- Extremely wide temperature resistance hot and cold.
- Damping properties in presence of vibration.

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فایل سه بعدی CATPart برای بوش راهنما گرافیت دار D043 d043-catpart.rar 86.7 KB پاییز 1401
فایل سه بعدی STP برای بوش راهنما گرافیت دار D043 d043-stp.rar 1.2 MB پاییز 1401
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● The sliding surface should be lightly greased with lithium grease emulsion, prior to commissioning.

● From 25 to 30 per-cent of the guide systems are equipped with solid lubricant.

● contact adhesive: G7 bore.

● If using press fitment, reduce inside bush diameter.

● Bushes can be used with radial or axial motions.

● The surfaces in use should be finished ground and pref-erably have parallel sliding movement.

● Up to 200 C° for heat tolerance for general uses.

● press fits: H7 bore.

● If required secure with set screw.


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