Chamfering Machine - Etc 900

Electric Chamfering Machine

Product specifications :

High speed multi function chamfering machine
Multifunctional chamfering machine is the introduction of foreign technalogy devel ped by mechanical processing equipment. the selected high quality coponents assembling famous motor, advanced design, performance is stable and teliable efficient and the selected high quality components . assembling famous motor advanced design , performance is stable and relizble | efficient and comvenient operation [hand-held workpiece)save chucking time , high efficiency especially suitable for batch processing pares, in the domenstic leading level Its features.
1. Linear radius and ir regular belveling can be completed in one machine ,with a multi-purpose function of machine.
2. Chamfer milling speed of 10000rpm/min workpiece surface finish was high.
3. The aircraft can be transferred imported bits|diamond, four -squarelblade, replcement convenience can be of arbide steel, stainless steel copper. aluminum alloy power metallurgy materials and other materials parts chamfering and deburring. Chamfering size adjustable from 0-3mm, chamfer dimension accuracy, smooth surface.
4. Our chamfering machine is quality assured the good after-sale servie.

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