Hydraulic Pneumatic Intensifier Cylinder | PH/04

Hydraulic Pneumatic Intensifier Cylinder

Product specifications :

Figure explanation: the compressed air enters the chamber number 1 and the cylinder number 2 starts moving by a low force (rapid movement). After approaching the already-determinated point, the cylinders number 3 and 4 bloc the oil path by compressed air and the cylinder number 4 enters the oil chamber. Here in case ( the working movement), the force will be multiplied.
-Generating Substantial force by compressed air
-Occupying the space as much as hydraulic system.
-High stroke of movement.
-Non-necessity of hydraulic system.
Entering air pressure:0.7 - 10 bar
Rapid stroke:ΔX=100, F=380 kgf in 6 bar
Working stroke:ΔX=15, F=4120 kgf in 6 bar
Total stroke:X = 115 mm

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